Thursday, February 23, 2017

A very Thankful Thursday

Yesterday, a friend was mowing my front pasture which had grass that was over my head and it was very dry. Unfortunately, the mower caught on fire and burned the whole field and came close to my house. But all is OK, all animals are good and the fire dept. got here in time to keep it away from the house and the barns.
This was my pompus bush and you can see how it all got close to the house. And of course there is Tip Tail checking it all out. 
This is along my fence towards the driveway and my neighbor.

This is from my yard fence down across the pasture.
It was so scary but we are so lucky that it didn't get to the house or the barns. 
Happy Thurday to all.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tortie Tuesday

Split does like to get up on the Swing Frame.
Now is the problem of getting down. There is a certain way of doing it.
First you have to turn around.
And we are almost down. Well done Split.
Happy Tuesday to all.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Mancat Monday

Tees here, and I am on top of the car which makes a great look out place. I just have to keep track of everything.
Now I had better do a walk around to make sure all is good.
Now it is time for a nice rest before I do another look around. All is good right now.
Happy President's day to all.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Welcome Teddy

We all certainly want to welcome Teddy to his new home and he is getting to have part of his own blog, called Two spoiled cats. We certainly miss Sammy but know he will be giving Teddy all kinds of advice along the way. You can welcome him here; Welcome Teddy

The only advice we have for you Teddy is to always have lots of fun and to take lots of naps.
Boyzo says Hi to Teddy and just remember, us oranj boys have to stick together.
You all have a wonderful day.
Take care.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Queen Mom on a Saturday

Queen Mom is still enjoying being on the inside. She loves to play and also take many naps. 
She is just trying to decide what she wants to do next. 
This is her favorite toy, which our friend Dee gave to her. It is a mouse with a tail and a wand toy. She loves it and will carry it all over the house talking to it. 
Everyone have a great Saturday.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Donkeys

As everyone knows, we have two donkeys here, Smoke and Joe. Smoke was the first donkey here and he came to keep one of my ponies company since she was by herself. Then this pony had to go over the bridge and there was only a big horse left there so I got Joe to keep Smoke company that was somewhere near the same size as he was. 
You can tell by this picture just how small, Joe and Smoke are compared to the normal sized horse whose name is Frannie. 
The reason that I am able to have these two miniature donkeys is that they each have a little something wrong with them which makes them not as valuable as show donkeys. Please notice Joe's while muzzle (around his nose). But he has some trouble or I should say had some trouble with one hind leg which he has out grown which is good. 
Here is Smoke. As you can see, he has a black muzzle which means he could not be a show donkey. Don't you love those ears and he loves to have his ears scratched and Joe does not like that at all. 

One day I was out walking around the pasture, and Joe came up to me looking for help. Guess he thought there might be something to eat in the bucket and found himself with this problem. He was asking me to please help him. The donkeys are great fun to have around and very easy to take care of.
Happy Friday to all.